Way before I became a Christian, there was never a question about how I felt about the abortion issue.  And when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Corey, there was an instantaneous connection.  She was not an insignificant conglomeration of multiplying cells.  She was my daughter; forever mine and forever cherished.  To me, the truth was undeniable: life begins at conception.  This wasn’t a Christian belief.  It was pure and raw instinct.  And thank GOD, I never had to face that agonizing decision. 

There are so many women that find themselves in impossible circumstances.  Teenage pregnancy, incest, rape; the list goes on and on.   And when one lands in that dark hole and faces a decision to either have the baby or terminate the pregnancy, do I have an opinion about what she might choose? 

If it is a teenage pregnancy, I would hope that she would choose life over the alternative.  I would hope that some loving and childless couple would get the opportunity to raise this beautiful bundle of joy.  Of course, I would choose LIFE!   

But in more impossible circumstances, where a woman is a victim of a violent crime?  NO, I just can’t imagine making that judgment call.  It is not my life, I am not involved in those painful set of complicated circumstances and it is none of my business.  I can’t begin to know the anguish involved in having to make that choice. 

As a child, I was a victim of incest and I can’t fathom going through a pregnancy with my father’s child in my belly.  That is purely unthinkable!  And because I know and understand the life-long trauma of incest, I can’t imagine that any governing body has the right to dictate choice and behavior in these kinds of circumstances.  With incest, and with rape, to raise above the fray and choose to move forward with your pregnancy; well, that situation is for those few who have amazing support and/or divine understanding. 

So am PRO LIFE across the boards?  How could I be?  Because I know that there are hundreds of thousands of women who face circumstances of which I just described; women who have been victims of rape or incest; women who find themselves abandoned, alone, without resources, without hope and without understanding of the LORD’S grace and love. 

I would hope that instead of judging them, I would pray for them.  I would ask our dear LORD to raise them up, heal them, comfort them, and lead them.  But should a governmental mandate make that decision?  That is a really callous call to make, isn’t it? 

That is why I can’t base my vote on PRO LIFE alone.  Because if I am not completely convinced that it is the governments right to tell a rape or incest victim that they have only one choice to make, then why would I expect my candidate to do so? 

I wish this was clear cut in my mind. Maybe it is faulty judgment; maybe it is lack of faith or maybe it is my rebelliousness.  All I know is, I would follow HIS laws, because the LORD is my Savior.  However, if someone doesn’t know HIS laws, then how can I expect a woman who doesn’t know the LORD to follow that path in such dire circumstances?   

I am being honest about my position as a Christian, and as always, I ask for the LORD’S guidance.  But I know that HE has seen me through hell.  And with HIS grace, I have come out the other side.  I can only pray that for those who make this life-defining decision, that HE will do the same for each and every one of HIS beloved creatures.   All I can do is lift up my prayers for those who are suffering.

In love,


Recently, I was asked about my views regarding the election. I think the interviewers were surprised that, as an Evangelical Christian, that I was voting for Obama. But they were very respectful and they honored my point of view.

As you can see by the video, I have very passionate views! However, this is just my opinion. I welcome your comments

In Love,

What do we really believe? Are we harboring prejudice, hiding it away and then making our real choice out of that dim place? Is it okay with you that an African American is running for President? Would you vote for a female candidate, or a person of another faith; say a Jew or a Muslim? Does it bother you that McCain is 72 years old?

Isn’t this election about the issues at hand, not about our prejudice? Why has this election become about skin color, ethnicity and rejection of difference?

I think it is really important that we dig deep into our hearts and lay our harshest judgments, criticism and fear before our dear LORD. No more finger pointing; no more tongue lashing. Please watch this video and hopefully it will inspire intimate self-examination.

How are we are casting our stones?

I am an Evangelical Christian.  I love the LORD JESUS CHRIST with all my heart and soul.  HIS grace is ever present in my life and I try my best to follow HIS rules and doctrines.  And of course, like all of us fallible humans, I fall miserably short each day. 

So I get back on my knees the next day and ask forgiveness for the previous day’s foibles.  I request that HIS guidance and mercy will stretch my small-mindedness, decrease my selfishness and increase my capacity to understand others that don’t look like me, act like me or talk like me.  And then I go about my day, sometimes remembering, sometimes forgetting, but always loving the LORD! 

In my day to day frailty of spirit, I am blessed with wonderful and inspiring Christian men and women friends…and men and women who are not Christian, who possess kind and non-judgment qualities to which I aspire.  And even when I send them endless articles, videos, etc. that contradict their political views; they are always polite, gentile and open to discussion.  They never point fingers, never send jabs, never shoot back insults, never insinuate and always put their best foot forward.  These people are honest, have immense integrity and would never think of lying or telling un-truths to elevate their position.  And these folks; these everyday folks are the ones that make me hopeful.  These folks represent humanity as less than jaded and bring forth in others a desire to reach higher, find gentleness and perform unexpected kindnesses. 

So how do we all want to proceed?  There are 28 days until the election.  Do we want to continue to smear each other, making nasty jokes about the “other” candidate, hidden behind righteous indignation? 

Well, that is EXACTLY what I intended to do via this blog.  I was all ready to have a blast and go after John McCain and Sarah Palin.  I wanted to go after them because I love Senator Obama and I am tired of reading the racist, fear-based smear campaign that attempts to sully Barack Obama’s reputation.  I wanted to lash back at them with sarcasm and witty quips; I wanted to hurt them because they are trying to hurt “my” candidate.   I wanted to go after them because I don’t agree with most of their policies, and because they are different than me. 

But all the time that I was plotting my blog entry, I had a check in my spirit.  I tried to ignore it because I wanted to be able to proceed with “my” ideas, and not check in with the LORD.  But instead, I prayed today and here is what I heard, “No nasty words”.  It was that simple.  “No nasty words.” In an instant, there went my screaming at the television debates, sending endless streams of Tina Fey video clips from Saturday Night Live to the opposition as a wake-up call and my mean-spirited emails.  Now what?

Well, I decided to stick to the issues at hand.  The reason I am supporting Senator Obama is because he is brilliant and I relieve do believe he wants to elicit real change in our government.  He wants to help the middle class and all the folks who are struggling and he is willing to cut taxes for those who make under $250,000.  He will not raise taxes for small business owners, because most of them do not make over $250,000 per year.  His morals are exemplary, his family life is solid and his spiritual beliefs are intact.  He goes to church and loves JESUS, wears shoes with holes in them and wants to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home.  He is a GOOD MAN.

Do I agree with all his positions?  No, I do not.  I believe that life begins at conception and I am PRO LIFE.  But I just can’t base my vote on a single issue upon which I disagree.  I have a son that will turn 18 on Nov. 25th.  I do NOT want my son going to a senseless war because of oil rights or to satisfy egos.  And although I would prefer Obama to be less eager to increase troops in Afghanistan, he is less “hawk-like” than McCain/Palin.  

But in the end, what is happening to this race for the Presidency?  Is it less about the issues and more about throwing stones at each other?  McCain’s campaign alludes to the fact that Obama is connected with terrorists and then the Obama campaign responds with accusations about McCain’s involvement in the Keating 5.  What is next?  Senator McCain needs to stop slinging insults and state his views about the economy, the war in Iraq, education, global warming, etc.  For goodness sakes, stop all this nonsense!  Do we really have to be this ugly to one another?

I end with this.  Before I open my mouth and use my tongue as a weapon, I can only hope that I will resist the temptation and ask myself this:  “If JESUS were in this situation, what would HE do?”   When HE was being condemned, when HE was being called names, when He was being tortured what did HE do?  HE sure didn’t sling insults or dig up dirt about HIS accusers.  HE stood there without ego, turning the other cheek and showing the world that HIS character was beyond reproach. 

Do I think that I can even get through one day without making snide remarks or being pissed off at the opposition?  Probably not!  But I will continue to ask the LORD to help me “BE NICE” and state my opinions without venom.   And in the end, isn’t this all about resisting the enemies temptations?

Let’s all pray together, asking the LORD that we, as Christians, stand for honesty, righteousness and compassion; not for gossip, name-calling and histrionics.   May we let these words reign supreme in our lives:  “No nasty words”



I received a comment today that made me cry.  Not because it was cruel or indignant.  Not because it was full of vitriol or righteousness.  I was moved because he was so kind, so honest and forthright; I was moved by his heart.  And to top it off, he doesn’t even live in this country.

Bob lives in Canada.  He is not a Christian; in fact, he deems himself an atheist.  But he came to this blog, he listened to the video clips and he was willing to offer his opinions. He took the time to write about his experience of socialized healthcare, Senator Obama and Christianity.  I wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to read his beautifully written comments and contemplate his ideas.  

As for those of us who are Christians, when you read Bob’s comments, I can only hope that we keep in mind that any exclusive actions, unkind words, insinuations, silent prejudice or harsh comments towards those who do not think the way that we think, can drive folks away from GOD. 

I can’t imagine how mind-blowing that must be for our dearest LORD to watch all of us chase folks out of the church and into the streets because we are too narrow-minded to allow others to express their opposing opinions.  Aren’t we supposed to be setting an example for the world?  Aren’t we representing our LORD JESUS, who was spotless and blameless in the face of ridicule and abuse? 

Can’t we at least be decent, kind and understanding towards our fellow man?   I am so personally horrified by the dirty politics that are being used by the McCain/Palin campaign; by our brother and sister in CHRIST.  The robot calls, character assassinations, and it just keeps on coming!  I just do not get it.  I can’t imagine that McCain or Palin would want to stand if front of the LORD and repeat these offensive, racist and fear-based lies. 

As I have said many times…I am certainly no glowing example of Christianity.  And by highlighting Bob’s comments, I don’t mean it to be self-serving.  After reading his comments, it was another reminder to me that our LORD’S example of unfailing kindness and compassion to ALL is a very hard act to follow.  I can only hope that my mind remains open and flexible and that the love I have for our dearest LORD is reflected in my every word and action.  I will do my very best!

Here is Bob from Canada’s comment:

“First off, allow me to open by saying that I am not an American. I am a Canadian and as such I find that my views are generally more liberal than most people in the USA as I think of myself as a Social Democrat. In Canada, being the Parliamentary Democracy that we are, we have government social programs like our well-known (and much maligned by the AMA) universal health care system. In Canada we look south and see only one candidate worth voting for and that is the esteemed Barrack Obama. Do not let the Republicans scare you into thinking that single-payer government health care is a bad thing. I’ve had it my whole life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Government programs are of the people, by the people and for the people. Not for a CEO sitting at the top raking it in. Always remember, as untrustworthy as your government may seem, it pales in comparison to the lack of morals and ethics held by a corporation that values only money and not human life.

Now that I’ve said that I must say, I am shocked. Now that your eyebrows are up, I will continue. Before this day I had never in my life seen a Christian actually being a Christian in the grandest traditions of the teachings of Christ. I myself am a former Catholic and I now consider myself an atheist. I had given up hope that I would ever meet a Christian who does not judge, who doesn’t only value the dogma preached by the clergy and really looks at the world as God’s creation and appreciates the beauty in all of it.

You have shown me that there are people that follow the word of God without trying to pervert it to their own ends. I say BRAVO! You are a wonderful Christian and a wonderful human being. You care about people, you see and accept them for who they are and consider every one of us a child of God, equal in his eyes. I thank you so much for showing me this. I may not believe in it but I cannot begin to explain how much I respect you because while lots of people seem to believe in it when it suits them, you not only believe it, you live it.

Thank you again for showing me that not all Christians are false or mindless. And I’d like to also thank all the other posters here. As much as Kristen has shown me that the teachings of the bible can be used for good, you have shown me that also. I would say “May God bless each and every one of you.” but it is apparent to me that he already has and continues to do so every day.”   Bob from Canada

God bless you BOB!

This is one of the best things I’ve heard this entire political season.

If you’re going to vote against Obama, then vote against his policies.

I’m white and I’m fighting like hell so all Americans have not only equal rights, but are actually TREATED equally.

What kind of American are you? What kind of America are YOU creating?

A few weeks ago, I was walking along the beach, talking to JESUS.  I was talking to HIM about my thoughts about the upcoming election, expressing my fears and doubts.  As I continued to rant and rave about my opinion, it occurred to me that I should stopped blabbering on and on…and listen to what the LORD had to say.  I walked in silence for awhile and then I heard that magnificent, quiet voice say, “Pray for all 4 candidates.” 

I was hoping that I heard it wrong, so I listened again, and once again I heard, “Pray for all 4 candidates“.  I thought to myself, “How in the heck do I do that?”  I don’t like 2 of them; in fact, I had been strongly railing against their policies, their tactics and their lack of discretion.  And now the LORD wants me to pray for them?  

At first, I had no idea what to say or how to pray.  In fact I was rather blown away by the fact that I had such a difficult time starting my prayer.  So I decided to make it short and sweet.  I lifted them up the LORD for HIS blessings, grace and protection.  I could feel myself loosen up a bit.  I then prayed for each of their families: the wives, the husband, the kids and grandkids.  Now the LORD started to really soften my heart. 

I asked for healing for the deep-seated wounds that John McCain suffered in the prison camp and Joe Biden suffered after his wife and baby girl were killed in the car accident.  I asked that Barack Obama be healed from the grief he suffered as a result of his father’s abandonment.  I asked the LORD to support Sarah Palin’s special-needs child and to comfort her pregnant teenage daughter, and I asked that she be filled with love and healing as well.  I asked the LORD to watch over Joe Biden and Sarah Palin’s sons, who are facing danger in Iraq.  I must have prayed for 30 minutes.

When I was finished, a miracle took place inside my heart.  All the anger, outrage, frustration and criticism were gone.  And in its place was an understanding that these 4 folks are fallible; just like me.  They get angry, make bad decisions, hire the wrong folks, vote for the wrong issues, forget GOD’s laws, switch sides when they fear they will lose the vote, attack the other side when attacked, attack the other side because they fear they will loose, listen to themselves or others before GOD, and snatch the enemies bait. 

Don’t we all do the same kind of things in tough situations?  Aren’t we all the same?  Don’t we all have similar temptations and the same ability to turn a deaf ear to GOD, because we are too busy listening to ourselves talk? 

Since my first prayer session, have I stopped getting angry at the debates and the “other side”?  Unfortunately, NO!  I can say however, that the intensity of my anger seems to have diminished.  And at some point during the day, I pray for the candidates: all 4 of the candidates.  And although I have to admit that I am tempted, I don’t ask for Obama’s victory.  I know that would be ridiculous, because GOD is not Republican, Democrat or Independent.  HE loves us all the same.

What I ask for is safety, honor, GODLY judgment and equanimity for all involved.  And when I remember to do that, the frustration subsides.  And what I am left with is a sincere hope that all of us, as Christians, will remember to love one another, as the LORD JESUS loves us, and pray for one another, as the LORD so gentle urges us to do.  That is what I strive to do on a daily basis.  And hopefully, for the remaining days of the campaign, you will join me. 

GOD bless you all and GOD bless McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden,


Here is the video as it is posted on YouTube. 

And now here is the link of my video on CNN iReports

I wanted to share this video with you that really touched me.

It speaks to me of hope and the wonders that can occur in life when we sacrifice out of love for God and humanity.

Love, Kristin

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